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Hentai! No Explosive Locker


  • Discord.

General Rules

Terms Of Service(TOS)


  • Do Not Yurijoin | Assist abuse


  • No Racism
  • No political speech
  • Don't be toxic


  • Any places that are not accessible through normal gameplay are prohibited. (ex. Glitch positions, C Tower , bipod glitch, leanshot glitch)

Cheating, Hacking

  • The use of illegal external programs and all acts that gain unfair advantage will be treated as a permanent ban.
  • If you think you have been unfairly banned, please appeal ban on our Discord.

Weapon and gadget

  • All of explosives are not allowed. But C4 and MBT NLAW can use to destroy structure.
  • Shotguns are prohibited. There are no exceptions.
  • LMG Bipod
  • All grenades are prohibited except for the M67 grenade and the M18 smoke grenade
  • M18 Smoke is only allowed for vips. you need to won challenge or achive 300 rep point
  • Phantom bows can only be used with Broadhead tip and Bulletpoint tips.
  • Every Battlepickup weapon are prohibited. (ex. M82, USAS)
  • Each team will be given two DMR/SR slots. After the round starts, the first person to kill with DMR/SR will get a slot. However, exceptions can be ignored by players and admins with vips.

Violation Report

  • You can use !report command to report player in-game. (ex. !report playername reason)
  • You can use !voteban command to start vote to ban hacker urgently. (ex. !voteban playername reason)
  • Abuse of commands can result in penalties.
  • All reports of hacking, cheating and glitching must be accompanied by reasonable and accurate evidence.
    Reports without evidence will not be processed.